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  1. Hello, after half year break, I played a little bit with the actual version of x-division again and found something strange. In "Charons changes psi sounds" mod there is a gameconfig.xml which changes the attribute gain in each ground combat quit a lot - you get now more or less infinite amounts of attribute points. Is this intended?.
  2. That's nice to hear. I am aware that it should be more difficult than pokemon. The problem results in the general need, to stun every alien to progress in research. With so many different alien typs present, whereby most of the specialist already dead in the beginning, its very hard. Maybe a solution would be to give access to missed research topics by an alternate way. This could be something like doing 10 corvette crash sites. This would serious delay your research if you have no luck with specialist, but in the end you can be sure to at least get the research topic. But that's only a suggestion. For now getting shock weapons solve most of the problem, since its easy to stun. The command room should be hard but not 10 crowded aliens. Unfortunately I don't have a save anymore, but it was a cruiser or bomber. Regarding kinetic weapons: Its only a balance issue due to the powerful drones present from the very beginning. However a rocket launcher solves most of this problem Regarding carry capacity: Yeah, I am aware of that but I dont have the self discipline to do this. With the current weight limited system there will be no solution, the system should be slot limited. So I will just just tweak the base carry capacity a bit.
  3. Hello, I’m currently at the end of phase two and want to give my impressions so far (veteran difficult, v. 99.3). - Airfight: I have 5 bases and each has only 3 Aerius/Corsairs with the upgraded spear cannons (great vs 3 heavy alien fighter). There is simply no need for torpedo bombers or missiles. I can easily bring down every UFO so far, mostly using one aerius as a bait and the other two going behind the ufo, same or better with Corsairs. This feels a little bit to easy for me, maybe increase the HP of all larger UFO by 50% and the damage. of the torpedoes too. - Stunning aliens: This is really complicated, it’s a save & load to get the desired ones. Especially because they are so aggressive in the beginning of the mission. It would be nice if the alien specialist can stay defensive in the ufo. But not the command room! - Ufo command room: 8 Androns and 2 small drones and a medium one require too much try and error. You should limit the number of aliens staying there to max 4. - Alien storming out of the ufo after breaching the door: Its to easy, you have just to set up a trap to kill them all. I have never seen the inside of a corvette!  Some alien should stay inside, distributed in the ship. But only a few! - Xenomorph predators/warriors needs more HP or needs to be faster. - My general feeling is that kinetic weapons are much better, mostly because of drones, which are my main fear enemy. Additionally they have a good mitigation, so are useful vs. Androns as well. - The base carry capacity is to low. I normally total overload my soldiers, and start to remove stuff at the begin of each mission. If I then need something I simply ran back. This is tedious, especially with new recruits. Due to the many different enemies you have to prepare for everything! - There should be a slightly increase in the general stats of new recruits during the game (+1 per month maybe). To train new soldiers in simple missions is boring. So far really a great mod, but needs some polishing.
  4. Hello, I am looking to modify the general health recovery time of injured soldiers after ground missions. The medical center provides a boost here, but I dont know if there are any numbers in the files which can be adapted. So is it possible at all? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, when do you plan to release version 0.99 of x-division?
  6. Hi, I am having some questions about installing the mod. So far I installed the standard version of xenonauts with steam and manually installed the mod + patches and it worked correctly (besides the invisible xenomorph?!). However, in the install guide its mentioned that the mod is for 1.09 & X:CE 31. So did I have to manually install X:CE 31 (steam is at X:CE 33 currently) and than the x-division mod? If yes, what's about the additional mods in the X:CE, did I have to deactivate them in the mod manager? Thanks.
  7. One of my mods requires ufo datacores for advances weapon production. For example you need 2 light scout cores for a laser pistol, 2 corvette cores for plasma pistol and 2 cruiser cores for MAG pistol. Similar with the other weapons, up to a Battleship core for MAGStorm. So if you want the top tier weapons you have to do the ground missions. I have just started to play with these changes, so I cant say anything for balancing yet. But I think this is one way to go to make mid / late game ground missions more mandatory.
  8. Of course there is a fine border, but most of the players achieve air superiority within month 3 or 4 which results in always repeating crash sites. The trick is to give players, who are to successful, new challenges and one could be an increased alien progress. If you just in increase the starting difficult level and so the alien progress too, most players will more struggling in the early month but gain air superiority later too. Of course this mechanism is nothing for the normal or easy difficult.
  9. I just played a little with the vehicle parameters to improve there usability, as done in kabills mod. One interesting point is required space of vehicles at each drop ship. Default it's 2 but some testing has shown that it can be set to 0 or 1 without CTD. For my next play through I will use kabill mod and additional set the boarding space variable to 0, so you can have a vehicle in each mission without loosing soldier space (its get a little bit cramped in the chinock, but it's worked). To balance this I will half the vehicle accuracy in general. So vehicles are more of scouting / protection / suppression and you need still your team for kills. The reason behind this, is that actually no one uses vehicles especially in the early stage of the game. That#'s a pity since they offer an increased tactical possibilities and variety.
  10. That's a pity, it would be nice to have an element to punish players who are to sucessful for the choosen difficult.
  11. Hey, I am wondering if its possible to increse the global ticker value if certain events occur. The reason behind is the ability to punish the player, if he is to succesful by shooting down UFOs), by in increasing the alien progress. On the other hand you could slow the ticker a little if the players fails to much or has a bad RNG. In the gamesconfig.xml you have the possibility to increase the ticker if certain UFO are present, for example <researchTicksPerMinute value="0" comment="An alien research mission generates this many alien ticker points per minute of the UFO being on the map." />, however its set to 0 since it punish bad players even more. Is there any varialbe which is connected to shoot down UFOs or something else what could be used to identify succesful players?
  12. Maybe the first question should be what is the current escort system lacking off? For me that's 1) all mission /ufo types should be escort available 2) setting the escort chance for each mission / ufo type from the very beginning 3) if escalation is available - setting the escalation value for each mission / ufo type For 1) that<#s already implemented by adding e:alien... to the AM xmls (scout and research missions escorts however has to be added in code) For 2) and 3) it gets a little bit tricky; with the current system you have 3) with the lack of setting the limit values exactly (lowerbound and upperbound), so just adding variables here in each AM file would be fine. For 2) you need an additional minimum and maximum change for escorts, which only comes to play if the chance of escort from the vanilla calculation is smaller or bigger than the minimum and maximum. So just to summarize, if you want complete freedom you need 4 additional variables in the AM files and some coding (lowerbound, upperbound, minimum, maximum).
  13. So if I do the math correct there is a average chance of 50% for each ship type that escorts are generated. And with the available parameters there is no way to change this.
  14. Hm, but what happens after battleships? There is no further ship. In my test escorts for battleships appeared around June/July. As for the dynamic ufos mod, after disabling all missions except research (high ticker value), no escorts were generated even after 12 months. Maybe there is a simple boolean in the code which disables escorts. I will play with the suggestions above maybe there is walk around to have always escorts.
  15. That's exactly what I have seen in my tests. After a certain time after each UFO type escorts are appearing. There is still the point that some missions have no escorts at all, like research and scouting. For ground attack you can enable escorts by adding the e:alien... rows in the xml.