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  1. wolfy don't panic, we got the enemy by the ropes
  2. Shigeru was a badass, killing 2 aliens the previous mission and 6 in the next
  3. Again in this episode, 's face was probally like when he missed all those shots
  4. I guess that guy's turned into a
  5. News Reporter: "Wolfy! how did that mission go with your soldiers?" Wolfy: "It was a pretty good mission" News Reporter: "Could you define good?" Wolfy: "Here i'll give you my tier of mission results; Ok means everyone died except for 1 person, Good means half of them died, and a perfect mission is when only 1 dies" News Reporter: "What if it's a bad mission?" Wolfy: "You don't want to know"
  6. I took one step out and my stomach was blasted into oblivion by a sectoid
  7. I pirated it for $19.99
  8. Thanks! Just name my guy nfire3
  9. Could I also be in as a solider?
  10. Perhaps if the chryssalids are in the game if you donate 300 dollars you get a plush toy of it that when you squeeze it it turns into a zombie
  11. A smaller person here but, still has some subscribers Frozenfoxy- Does let's play
  12. I tossed a light stick and then went to the inventory to equip the solider with the shotgun and then went to hit the exit inventory screen and it crashed
  13. The Music for the night mission's is simply amazing. Its very creepy and it sounds like the UFOs engine is humming after it crashed
  14. Xenonauts: Xenonauts or Xenonauts: Purge the Xenon!!!
  15. Xenonauts: A requiem to kick sectoid ass! also Xenonauts: "We aren't a intergalatic gas station!"