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  1. *Game crashes shortly after air battle defeat where Xenonauts planes are destroyed *Game crashes after ground battle defeat where all soldiers die *Game crashes when examining a dead soldier who has a combat shield *I had a doorway become impassable after the door was destroyed by a plasma pistol. Visually it seemed clear.
  2. For the Soviet addon, I think there should be a "supplier" button on the weapons screen where you can switch between NATO and Soviet weapons, which would be more aesthetic than having two assault rifles and two shotguns etc displayed. I also think they should be identical stats-wise and purely aesthetic.
  3. Nibbler

    Build V9 Released!

    Oh I see. I didn't know there was a Desura client, lol. I only ever went to the website to download Xenonauts.
  4. Nibbler

    Build V9 Released!

    Chris, I can't seem to find the v9 version of the alpha on Desura, am I missing something? I only have the v8.9 available for download.
  5. This game has a great atmosphere, the moody music, serious faces and cold war aesthetics really make it an immersive experience. When an alien shot one of my manz during a night mission I nearly jumped out of my seat!
  6. Nibbler

    Build V9 Released!

    I only see Xenonauts v8.9 on Desura.