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  1. Softlock at the end of an alien combat turn : Relevant context ? : killed or stunned all active aliens during their turn either by overwatch or them moving though stun fumes. Forced to Alt+F4. Attached log & rec. Screenshot : output.log recording_5.rec
  2. Same situation CTD sometime when trying to heal a soldier. Attached logs and rec output.log recording_4.rec
  3. Woooohoooo !!! Amazing to see that most of the reported problems have been fixed ! I'll start a new game hopefully in a dozen hours. You guys rocks ! Take care, sleep well
  4. There is a thread dedicated to 1.1 You should make the bug reports there :
  5. More stun related report... Throwing a support grenade (smoke / flash / stun) out of range will have it explode but then no effects are applied. Expected : Support grenades explode at max range after deviation. Stun gas grenade : An enemy previously stunned woke during the alien turn (with purple smoke still active), shot me, and then was stunned again. Is this normal, possible ? Expected : the enemy stay stunned at least as long as the smoke is active / visible Enemies stunned by a gas grenade are still counted as active, preventing combat mission victory (the icon still shows on the left and camera focus on click) I then tried to take the bodies in inventory in the hopes of deactivating the 'active enemy' state but : Backpack is too small to contain stunned enemy body Upon closing the inventory with an enemy in the primary weapon slot : CTD (cf log) Logs : CTD inventory close enemy in primary WP slot.rar I'll try more stuff later, still did not complete the mission once...
  6. More crashes : CTD on alien turn, origin unknown (System.NullReferenceException ... at Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Scripts.AIkControl.get_Target ()) CTD getTarget.rar Consistent Game softlock upon loading crash site : A fatal error occurred during Update() - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Systems.Objectives.KillTeamGCObjective S&L :Softlock crashsite.rar It is also possible to assign / unassign soldiers on the way to a mission by entering the armory ... As expected CTD upon reaching the crashsite S&L :No soldiers.rar More tests show that if you assign / soldiers or select an item you do not have on the skyranger produce a CTD upon reaching the crashsite. Returning to base then going back to the crash fixes the issue. A lot of those CTD seem to origin in the ability to change loadout en route. If you change an item by another were a copy is owned by another soldier it sometimes do not crash. Combat : Stun Gas grenade correctly stun the enemy (can walk over them and take their stuff), the stun baton do not, they go down but remain targetable (see my previous post) There is no way to change the equipped grenade type if you have several types in inventory. Changing item order in the belt (inverting grenades and ammo for exemple) consume TU, it should not.
  7. Yet another report : General : It is possible to change the soldiers loadout in the Skyranger after the initial mission planning, not sure if intended. If intended will we be able to manage availability of items on the crafts ? (Like taking a heavy weapon but not equipping it on a soldier in case of ...) (CF save and log) Change loadout on skyranger.rar More combat report : focusing on stun / melee Trying to stun apparently produce situations where crashes are more likely... CTD when going next to an enemy on enemy turn. CTD standing next to enemy.rar CTD during enemy overwatch CTD during enemy overwatch.rar Is it normal that a stunned alien is still targetable ? Stunned enemy still targetable.rar The expected behavior would be to be able to walk over it and take it's stuff. (Like in openxcom). On the same line of thoughts is it possible to abort a mission ? (Like doing hit and run where stunning some aliens, taking them in the backpacks then aborting). Right now we cannot.
  8. More combat testing, focus on shields ! UI : Need to show the TU cost for dropping / moving items in backpack / ground. Crashes : Can confirm that any weapon damage to a shield will crash the game. Weapon damage shield CTD.rar Killing the shield guy with my own grenade in one attack leaves him standing an unselectable (don"t know if he's dead) Killing a standard soldier with our own explosives seems to work nicely though (CF Screenshot) Equipment : - Dropping the shield to the ground does not update the soldier apparence. - After that the game still CTD if the soldier is fired upon, seems that the dropping is not properly updated. (Cf screenshot and log) Dropped shield but still CTD on fired upon.rar
  9. Ok had a very fun combat mission with a lot of report to do ! General : Saving the game in combat mission doesn't work. UI : Deselecting a soldier with the Esc key does not empty the HUD, not sure if intended. Grenade display debug info (Cf screenshot) Game mechanics : Bug or Not implemented : Thrown weapons never deviate (aka grenades have pinpoint accuracy at max range XD ) Or I hit those sweet 5% three times in a row. Some terrain / structure dont block grenade (Cf caravan in screenshot) Grenade have no max range (Cf 2 next screenshots) the grenade land exactly on my cursor in the red range Same for grenade launcher (Cf 2 next screenshots) the grenade land exactly on my cursor in the red range So thrown weapons are deliciously OP ! Crashes : Unfortunately the mission ended when the last aliens fired on my shield wielding soldier (wanted to try to stun). CTD alien firing on shield bearer.rar And that's all for this round !
  10. Hello, First, thanks for the hotfixes ! A remaining but not critical CTD : Launch aircraft => Selecting a crash site as an interceptor mission target crashe the game. Launch aircraft target crash site SaveLog.rar Armory : Sometimes when loading a soldier loadout the items are not present in the tab, clicking a few times / switching tabs / scrolling does seem to fix the issue. (Cf screenshot) Related save : Empty armory item tab SaveLog.rar Testing combat mission now.
  11. Hi i just had an update, is there a changelog somewhere. LOL Beat me by a second.
  12. Hi I just had an update with Steam, Is there a changelog of the fixes somewhere ?
  13. Hello Commanders ! Another round Geoscape / Base Management : Base naming : the Return key does not validate the input. Renaming soldier : you can overflow the UI with long names. (Cf screen) Sometimes an item armory tooltip will stay on others screens, could not find how to reproduce consistently, something with the sprite edges maybe ? Cf screen Launch aircraft consistently produce a CTD if you select a crash site as a target and launch Skyranger. Exemple save : Lauch aircraft target crash CTD.rar Tactical Layer : Is there a way to lock a soldier ? To not having him/her in the list when tabbing between soldiers. Big QoL. Other CTDs : Cannot go into the second combat mission (probe crash), modified some soldiers loadouts. Logs and save : Second mission CTD loadout modified.rar Others : Performance / Graphisms and general feeling of the tactical layer is amazing !
  14. Another consistent CTD when engaging a live UFO with the Skyranger. (Yes I like to test edge cases )CTD Skyranger engage UFO SaveAndLog.7z Keep up the good work ! As a fellow dev I have to go and empty my issue tracker now. Have a nice day everyone.
  15. Second report : Having a consistent CTD as soon as I try to lauch the skyranger on a shot down UFO. Here is the save and log just before : to reproduce just launch aircraft => skyranger => select crash site. CTD Skyranger SaveAndLog.7z
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