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  1. This could be good addition but then it would be easy to just camp at landing craft and kill aliens easily. And landed ufos should have their weapons too because of balance. Dunno..
  2. Probably you missed some specialist. You can check the researches.xml file at Xdivision folder. Yes you can hit them with anti missiles.
  3. We don't want to add your XCE files to our mods because it's not right, unrespectful and confusing. So when you return here, we can talk some possibilities around fixes and have a clean xce version..
  4. I don't remember that your minipatch repaired the retake country with that. As charon said, we worked really hard even we lost 2 member (MIA)... We are waiting you publish a version which is working with the new content officially.
  5. But you made us miss you. What can we do without you?! We are waiting your return as charged and ready to create awesome things!
  6. what do u need about sprites_ maybe i can help.
  7. @Solver lost his interest again i think. There is no word from him for days..
  8. @EpicDude430 If you start a new game, there is no reason to crush because there is no addition to crush at the beginning. So i hope you don't try an old save game here. I don't know Barleyman's soldier mod. If it edits something, it could make it crush. The script files will return, there is no problem. You will erase them only once and game will cleared new ones for the modded version. If you delete them every time maybe it could crush too. Be sure to have a right install..
  9. Xenonauts 1 is a success even with the engine flaws and non-finished aspect on details over original UFO. This is very important point. So if something works, don't break it policy, is very important but mostly ignored thing. When the developers goes to next games, they want to "change" things to have something "different" then the first one. Many developers lost their ways for this reason and even they created one legendary product, they failed so badly at second. The biggest example was SOTS 2 in my entire life. I still cry sometimes.. MOO 3 could be a nice old example too. Is "having a fully functional, 3D supported, all the missing parts added, good coded and fully mod support Xenonauts 1" bad as Xenonauts 2? I would say a big "NO" here. Xenonauts done it's job as a original UFO clone with every bit of soul. People wanted it and you win. There are tons of openXcom fans out there, only Xenonauts missed the exact point to be become the ultimate clone because of the limits you got.. money, engine, planning.. If you succeed to finish what you start with Xenonauts 1, this game could be the best turn based game of the year.. As i read all the reviews and steam and the forums who does not like Xenonauts, - the biggest (%90) reason is the ground combat bugs about LOS, shooting, bullets passing by objects, grenades falling to the feet, not able to picking from corners, as short ground combat bugs because of engine. A proper ground combat will give you already tons of buyers. -then some linear, a bit boring at late game progress, which you will handle it with some more stuff probably like random missions without UFO landing, different weapon types with different roles, more resistance/damage type combinations to make more tactical approach, different ammo types for weapons, a simple skill system or armors with different tactical things. -Missing things like alien containment, different melee weapons, different sized more scary real aliens,very shallow alive alien capturing research line from original UFO. -Animations and graphics are a bit dull and lifeless, which is already handled.. and btw add some idle animations to the maps too.. maybe some lights.. breaking walls with animations.. you got what i mean. So i am saying this from the beginning. I am sure that you will improve all the Xenonauts experience even you finish what you missed at first game at next game. I hear some crazy ideas here but this game does not need crazy different ideas. It needs to be working as intended without bugs which can kill your tactical experience and to have the missing parts. All of the XCom players are happy to go to the crush side with a lame slow chopper.. So no need to change it with a teleporter or rocket, as an example. I think most of us can see that how beautiful that SS is with the new game engine and old lovely UI. I see everything at a nice panel there but the new UI u use at demos is everywhere.. I need to look every part of the screen to get my needed info.. why? This is not a android game. Everybody got at least 15'' monitors so you don't need huge UI all over the sides of the game. The old one is practical, useful, simple, not confusing. I like all the UI's of the X-1. We just added some more things with Solver and it became perfect. But please give this Xenonauts a proper name like X-Com.. give them a flag.. a symbol.. it's so important to connect the player and it's soldiers.. This game will be my 2. pre-order.. I pre-ordered SOTS 2 before and i thought, if a dev made a game like SOTS 1, they can't make a disaster with a 2. game.. but they did. So after that, you will be the next one, i trust in gaming sector. I would give as much as i can without thinking what to get.
  10. Resistances and weapon damages are a bit tricky. If u need anything, just ask.
  11. Aiprops.xml is the file about all enemies. Then comes weapon gc.
  12. M is not a useful against enemies. Game dont have code to make a weapon with melee ability. But there are melee weapons.
  13. Dear player Mod is still at beta and the number changes in time. We don't have the men power to edit all that stat info everytime. We need people to get that stats from game files and write to the xpedia pages. I will recheck the alien lightning weapons. But they got very good emp damage so very powerful against vehicles. There can be crazy critics from armour penetration weapons because a glitch at the game calculations. But it's fun, so we don't have any problems.
  14. Wait some more. We will need more testers after big patch!
  15. You can connect your manufacture to an early research. I think the first research is invasion, so just add your manufacture to it..
  16. As i know, it's hardcoded from very beginning. But i could be wrong. For now, you can only buy f-17. It's hardcoded or that code is not working. Just make it a very cheap uber fast manufacture.
  17. Hey it's nice to have an analysist like you. As we can't find time to play because of nodding, this kind of info is very important. Game has enough content but as Charon said, we did not make a economical balance including all the research and manufacturing times. So when u got researches with triple time, you won't able to say this. And again, you play the mod most perfect. So we can't judge the game with your playing. There are many players who don't know that kind of info and just want to enjoy. We can give a much harder insane difficult. Another thing is, we are already working on alien expansion which creates totally different experience. I would like to hear your experience after we release it.
  18. If you made it as a plane you can buy, it won't work. You need to have it manufactured.
  19. I don't have any idea what you talk about. Then try to do it as a mod.
  20. Then you edited wrong files. If hunter does that, there is something wrong. Do u use any mod about vehicles?
  21. As i remember it starts to work with the new manufactured vehicle. So your old vehicles will stay same. You need to make vehicle heavy to crush objects.
  22. At vehicles.xml, make heavy=yes.. but you need to know which file to edit.. if u use XCE, u should do it under it's mod folder.. or best, make a little mod for it.
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