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  1. Hi, is this compatible with 1.65? Or should I still use CE?
  2. Hi guys, what's the best balanced modpack I can do a full run on?
  3. Guys, how does the alien proximity scanner work? Do I activate it? Keep it in my belt? It does not seem to do anything...
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking to finally try and finish the game, but keep bumping into showstopping things like research not being available, weapon sprites missing, ect... What is the most complete mod as of 1/15/2016? I love the content X-Division .98 provided but the research and other stuff seemed bugged and there were a ton of pedia articles missing. There is so much info, I am getting lost in all the options. Right now it seems XMC is back in the lead. Any recommendations please? I would like to actually finish the game this time. Also, I am using X:CE .34.1 UNofficial as Steam loads it. Could someone post a known working mod order? Thank you so much in advance.
  5. Guys, need some help please. Either I installed the mod incorrectly or am doing something wrong. How do I research new tech?!! My science lab is totally empty. I am at advanced ballistic weapons and I have capture many aliens including officers. I captured a ton of them and at the end combat mission it is said that some of the aliens are executed, but nothing is getting sent to research. I've picked up a ton of alien weapon and disassembled a scout, a small scout and a corvette. Nothing happens when that completes. Also, when I pick up an alien weapon, the trooper icon has nothing in his hands. The icon for alien grenades is also missing at the bottom selection bar. What am I doing wrong? I installed from nexus and have the appropriate mods activated in the launcher. I have the Steam version. Thanks in advance yall...
  6. Hey giys, what is the difference in Russian between the parameter "Bronebojnost" and "Prinikaemost"? Seems like they should be the same?
  7. Could someone help me withthe shields starting at 0/120 hitpoints? Isnt there a way to get them to start at 120/120 before combat starts?
  8. Ok, so that's totally news to me. I've always been using Steam to start the game. Are you saying that after Xenonauts installs I should copy the Xenonauts folder OUT of the Steam main directory?
  9. Thank you, so I should NOT install the [community] Xenonauts that is version .27 now and is an option in the steam beta menu?
  10. Ok, that's fine. I like the economy part of it. So previously I was told multiple times HOW SIMPLE it is to install. So clearly I'm doing something wrong as I'm new to modding this and for example did not have any idea what X:CE stood for. A lot of people make assumptions. I have no idea what strings.xml is, where it is or what it does. So again, there is an assumption that is over the head of someone new. So, I have uninstalled Xenonauts from Steam and deleted the Xenonauts folder in the steam common apps folder. Do I need to remove anything else? Edit the registry? Sacrifice a chicken? How do I install the mod correctly please? It is a very nice mod, but could someone please explain it like I'm a giant grandmother please how to install it correctly?
  11. Ammo is under vehicles now. IS there any way to remove the ammo requirement from weapons in this mod? I love everyhting about it, except that finicky ammo system, seems always broken somehow. [[[[[[
  12. Ammo is under vehicles now. IS there any way to remove the ammo requirement from weapons in this mod? I love everyhting about it, except that finicky ammo system, seems always broken somehow.
  13. SOme weapons missing ammo, both in the equip screen and in the production menu? So I cannot seem to find any ammo for the railgun, the rage rocket launcher and the automatic grenade launcher. Am I doing something wrong or is it just bugged?
  14. Ok, yes, but some the piecemeal mods are different versions. Are they updated within XENOPHOBIA? Then there was also the XNT V5.31 hotfix (LAST). Then there was a bit about deleting the animations folder after install of XENOPHOBIA. What about the misile name text being cut in half horizontally?
  15. This mod seems amazing and I installed, but I think I did something wrong. I kept updating and probably broke something. First, a lot of the missile description text in the aircraft and warehouse menus was cut in half. Second, a lot of the weapons seemed missing. There was no flame thrower, no ammo for the rail gun, no ammor for the multi ammo machinegun, ect. Do I need to install the individual mods this mod combines then install it? I see some of the individual ones have been updated, should I update as well? Basically, I'm looking for help understanding the way this modding system works, I think its ossballz but it looks like I'm doing something wrong. Idiot click by click guide anywhere? Thanks in advance yall. EDIT: also I never seemed to get the weapons from the ALien films, where are they? I researched a lot of stuff, put in about 8 hours into game with this mod.