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  1. it only affects one soldier and he knocks out the rest of the game. End Turn, pressed without problems, you can continue the game without one soldier. no, dating the situation happened twice during return fire it only happens with the soldier who responded with fire

    [V4.2 Geoscape] Crash to Desktop

    [V4.2 Geoscape] Crash to Desktop I was chasing a UFO Crash to Desktop 111.json output.log

    [V4.2 General] Strength Stats

    Increase strength V4.2 can not, but you can equip Exosuit Armor +100 Strength
  4. Desktop_2019_04.28_-_22_05_40_01.mp4 Mission 40 Ufo.json output.log
  5. I shot down two UFO, clicked on the envelope at the bottom left and got an crash to desktop. Later I loaded and continued the game without an error. 3.json output.log
  6. I found a problem I play 3840x2160 TU is not displayed I set low resolution 1920x1080 TU enable
  7. Yes, TU in my version of the game is not displayed, I thought it should be. I have not modified the game.
  8. Yes and it is impossible to choose a soldier
  9. During the return fire, my soldier freezing, it is impossible to choose. This happened to me twice already, on different maps Desktop_2019_04.28_-_09_09_41_01.mp4 Mission 29 Ufo.json output.log
  10. [V4.2, Ground Combat, downed spaceship, Psion] Enemies shoot across the second floor Map with crashed Scout Advanced Map with crashed Destroyer Advanced Map with crashed Transport Mission 27 Ufo.json output.log
  11. Unable to arm aircraft Falcon-9 Base 1.json