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    In OpenXCOM they have your soldiers act as pilots, which seems super cool to me. Xenonauts has the most fleshed-out airgame so I'd totally support it.
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    Hello everyone - I've been rather quiet on these forums for the past couple of months, but here's an update to keep you all posted on our progress. The reason why I've not been posting much on the forums in recent times is because I was lucky enough to welcome my daughter into the world just over five weeks ago. I took two weeks as paternity leave and then returned to work, but learning how to work from home with a baby around has been quite a learning experience for me! Although I am able to fit a full working day in around the babysitting, my time is more limited than before and I've had to be much more focused on game development, which means I've spent less time on the forums than normal. However, I'm starting to use my phone and laptop in quiet moments in the evenings and this hopefully will give me a bit of time each day to browse the forums and catch up on a bit of research writing. So, basically, the lack of activity here does not indicate lack of activity on the game. It's just that interaction with the community is the first thing to get squeezed out of my schedule when I'm short on time. What have we been working on over the past two months? Quite a few things: Implemented the new armour / penetration system Improved the way grenade scattering works so its more sensible Reworked the ground combat inventory so it works better and displays a lot more information Improved the way the Soldier Equip and dropship soldier arrangement screen works Set up the local forces to upgrade their equipment based on your research efforts Got the EliminateVIP missions functioning (although they still need proper maps) Done some more research text writing and added a couple more research images Added jetpacks to the game Fixed the issue where weapons in backpack didn't properly contain ammo (which also lays the foundations for modular weapons) Added a simple geoscape Agent system that allow you to boost Relations in a specific region Designed a couple of new UFOs You'll be seeing more of those new things in the next week or two when we put out a new build, but for once I'm actually going to stick to my plans and only write a short update. I just want you all to know that we've not forgotten you!
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    I pushed a small update on Steam (launcher version 0.35.1) that fixes the unfortunate bug with Reapers one-shotting vehicles.
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    Nah, the annoying gameplay gimmick aside, the concept itself is what I hate. The idea of data having a physical form, ignoring the laws of physics and being defeated with bullets is so utterly retarded it offends me on a deep level.