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Thread: Put tactical formulas into moddable files.

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    Put tactical formulas into moddable files.

    Would it be possible to have the important tactical formulas put in configuration files so we can mod them? I'd like control over accuracy and damage formulas. Also, if we could ASSIGN the formula we want to use to a specific weapon that would be really cool.

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    No, the code's a bit too complex for that I'm afraid.
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    Xenonauts simply isn't structured for deep modability.
    You can edit some content, pretty much exactly like you can edit Apocalypse with the APOC'D Editor. Change the values for damage, hit points, and alien spawn distribution around but you can't change how air combat works or how a seeking missile seeks. You can only use the pre-coded features and tell it to seek... or not seek.
    That's nothing you can tack on, either. If such a modding capability isn't part of the design before you start coding, it's not happening.

    As development went on, an increasing number of variables had been externalised into the config file.

    I guess it would be a reasonable compromise to have more key values configurable once the formulas are locked down.
    Any change to the code is a potential problem but changing a hardcoded value to the same value read from the config file is relatively harmless.
    Since we still don't know how the formulas will look like in the end, it's too early to haggle about this or that specific value being moddable. =)

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