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    Thread: Mac users needed!

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      Exclamation Mac users needed!

      We need testers for the Mac version. These builds will be less stable then the regular alpha builds, due to less testing so far.

      I would be most interested in OSX 10.5 (leopard) and 10.6 (snow leopard) users since I currently have only tested on 10.7 (Lion).

      Let me know what model mac you have, OS version and what gen (ie mid-2011 imac with i5 proc running 10.7)

      You need to be willing to get your hands dirty with terminal and chat with developers on any mac specific issues you find.

      Edit: We have enough testers to last until V13 is released, thanks.
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      I can assist, i have 2 macs i can test on. I'm a web developer and not afraid to get info from terminal for you but i would prefer not change any major system settings.
      1. mid-2010 macbook pro with i7 2.66, 8gb ram running 10.6
      2. mid-2012 retina macbook pro with i7 2.7, 16gb ram running 10.7

      i also have parallels running windows 7 on the retina mbp and get a fatal exception when i try to launch from desura. i can get the memory dump file if you would like.

      it runs flawlessly through bootcamp on the 2010 mbp
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      Did you pre-order? You can get your pre-order badge from http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/f...forum-badge%21

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      I did indeed, i just now linked my account.

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      Great. Can you PM me an email or gtalk I can contact you at?

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      I can help. I have a Lion machine (MBP C2D, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or 9600M GT), a Snow Leopard Server machine (Mac mini Core Duo, intel gma950 graphics), and a Leopard machine (PowerMac G4 Cube with a 1.4 gHz CPU replacement and a Radeon 7500). I have also been experimenting with Mountain Lion on an external drive with my MBP.

      However, I have quite limited time. If you could tell me which OS you would like me to focus my efforts on, I'd appreciate it. And if you'd prefer either Lion or Mountain Lion, also let me know whether you'd prefer I use the 9400M or the 9600M.

      In unrelated news, oh my god I hate Desura. it is almost bad enough to make me give up on the game. Among literally dozens of other problems with them, this is what I got when I went to try to connect my Desura account to my forum account:

      Not Found

      The requested URL /desura-connect/ was not found on this server.

      Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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      Oct 2011
      St. Louis, MO
      The website was recently restored from an old backup. Its possible some stuff broke. Best to report the error to Chris and see if he can fix it.

      Edit: Looks like Chris fixed this issue now.
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      Oct 2011
      St. Louis, MO
      Current Known Issues on the Mac port:

      Radar - Sometimes acts funny when first placing the base.
      TU on ground - Glitch with showing the time units on the ground.
      invisible civilians - Most of the time the civilians are invisible, pretty sure this is an issue with case sensitive filenames.
      No Ctrl-clicking on inc/dec buttons - currently removed
      No right clicking - Should have this resolved pretty soon, but right now, it brings up a context menu upon right clicking, although if you left click to make it go away, the unit will still turn.
      Unable assign a single scientist at a time - you can assign 10at a time with a right click.

      Please let me know here if you guys find any other issues.

      Edit: Saving and Loading now works for me. Not completely tested though.
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      Quote Originally Posted by ko2fan View Post
      Edit: Looks like Chris fixed this issue now.
      EDIT: Just tried this again, just reloaded the same URL I tried ten minutes ago, by accident. This time it worked. Go figure.

      So I just went to do this again. This time it said that it had sent my history to you guys in a little pop-up. And then, about 10 seconds later, it took me to:

      Which, for me, displays:

      Internal Server Error

      The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

      Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@goldhawkinteractive.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

      More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

      Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

      And yeah, still no little medal thingie. So whatever Chris did, I am pretty sure it didn't fix it.
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      Downloaded the Mac version, opened it up, copied the app to my Applications folder, and launched it, on 10.7.4. (I'll get to it on 10.6 later.) Result: it opens a window, sits for 20 seconds, crashes. Run it again: it opens a window, sits for 5 seconds, crashes differently. Run it a third time: it crashes the same way it did the first time. I emailed you a crash log to the email address you sent me the download info from. If you need anything more from me, feel free to let me know.

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