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Thread: random ufo and alien spawn points

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    random ufo and alien spawn points

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but i didn't find anything similar.

    One thing that could make the game much better is randomizing the ufo and alien spawn points. Starting a battle already knowing where the ufo crashed and consequently where the majority of the aliens are or where they will be coming from is not fun. The original X-com as i remember had completely randomized maps.

    If randomized maps is not possible, please create the maps with at least two possible ufo crash positions, and preferably two start positions for the Xenonauts dropship too, even if this does mean more empty spaces.

    Even in the terror mission started when you choose quick battle, i know where the majority of aliens come from.

    One suggestion to avoid having many empty spaces due to randomization...swap the crashed ufo position with a big building position....or even smaller buildings. You will have quite some randomization this way...
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    xcom: There will be a lot more (semi random) maps in beta and at release. They are currently focusing on implementing new features, so it's low priority to design maps atm. That's because any maps they design now might be obsolete if they change some functions and whatnot so it would be double work to try to design them now.

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    ok, thanks for that. I will be waiting for the semi-randomness.

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    You can already add multiple spawn points as an overlay.
    Whichever one is chosen replaces whichever submap or maps it is on top of.
    The downside is that sometimes the size of the ufo doesn't match up with submap sizes so you have trouble getting it to sit properly without a lot of tweaking.
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