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Thread: I get Game Over for Positive Income?

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    I get Game Over for Positive Income?

    I don't know if its one of those quirks of the game or what have you.

    At the end of every month I would get a message stating that I do not have enough money for maintenance and wages. However immediately after that popup the different regions immediately fund you on the same say, so despite that message, I would still get $1,000,000 or something. This happened for about five months, and every month the amount of funding I got grew because I was doing a good job at protected each region, however I still got that message before the region funding review window.

    In the last month I had $1,000,000 saved and then got the Game Over message. Once I clicked the message the Region Funding Review window popped up which told me the combine funding from all regions would provide me with an additional $2,500,000 for that month. The money that I had saved along with the additional funding should adequately provide me with enough to cover for the next month.

    Is this an oversight, bug, or should I simply be watching my budget more closely. Should the Region Funding Review window appear before funding is given out for maintenance and salaries, so it limits how often we see the window stating we're overbudget?

    Also, I we going to get a table/graph showing finances?
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    It's an on going flaw in the logic.

    Basically you need to know two things:

    1) Your income for funding comes in AFTER the payments for maintenance and wages go out.

    2) If you fail to meet your payments a few times in a row, the game will end.

    In short, you currently need to make sure you've got enough cash to cover the bills before the end of the second month.

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    It's a known bug. It's going to be fixed at some point, but it's not a high priority just yet.

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    That's fascinating. It goes kinda against how any government institution works where they basically burn their entire remaining budget on crap just to show that they actually used the budgeted money before the next budget period :P

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