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Thread: [v10.2 Manufacture, BattleScape, ETC] Infinitive laser ammo and etc.

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    5) the medipack will only heal grey damage. Some damage can't be healed by medipacks and will require you to go back to the medical facility in your base.

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    About infinitive ammo by manufacture. I checked it deeply and got this result.
    Now I write step by step to be more understandable.
    1) produce 1 laser ammo and 1 scatter laser. In store we got 1 laser and 1 ammo.
    2) Put Scatter laser in hands. In store we have 0 scatter laser and 1 ammo. In hand 1 scaterr laser 4/4
    3) Put scatter laser in store. We got 1 scatter laser and 2 ammo in stores 0 scatter laser in hands.
    4) Put scatter laser in hands. We got 1 scatter laser in stores 2 ammo in stores 1 scatter laser in hands 4/4
    5) Put scatter laser in store. We got 1 scatter laser in stores 3 ammo in stores 0 scatter laser in hands.
    6) Now Scatter laser is unselectable to put in hands.
    7) Go to other menu research as example and then return to Solder menu. Now we see we have 2 scatter laser and 3 ammo.
    8) And now if we take laser to hands they take 1 ammo always as be needed. But second scatter laser we can take too and it too works corectly with ammo.
    I don't get this strange algoritmic.

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    That's because it is a bug, bugs aren't supposed to make sense.
    When you reload the weapon it is supposed to remove 1 ammo from your stores, it doesn't
    When you put the weapon back into the stores it is assumed it was loaded so it returns 1 ammo to stores as well, which it does.
    Things start to get a bit weirder after that!
    Did you try building two scatterlasers to begin with and see if that has the same problem as building one?
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    When I try to repeat this bug with other fresh save copy where i just researched scatter laser i can't. Maybe i think is in save/load bug. Maybe i just loaded bad scatter laser from save) If you need maybe i can find and sent you to damaged save file to check it yourself in your version.

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    Thanks for the report. Next time if you have more bugs to report, open a new thread for them, it would make us easier to track them.
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