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  1. When I try to repeat this bug with other fresh save copy where i just researched scatter laser i can't. Maybe i think is in save/load bug. Maybe i just loaded bad scatter laser from save) If you need maybe i can find and sent you to damaged save file to check it yourself in your version.
  2. If you see UFO a small type or medium type. The attack with F-32 with new manufacture missiles. Disable torpedos. Then shoot down by gatling gun. Works 90%. Maybe needs disable 1 missile too. Or other. Sent on this type UFO's F17 with old earth weapons it shoot down 100%. Not destroyed.
  3. About infinitive ammo by manufacture. I checked it deeply and got this result. Now I write step by step to be more understandable. 1) produce 1 laser ammo and 1 scatter laser. In store we got 1 laser and 1 ammo. 2) Put Scatter laser in hands. In store we have 0 scatter laser and 1 ammo. In hand 1 scaterr laser 4/4 3) Put scatter laser in store. We got 1 scatter laser and 2 ammo in stores 0 scatter laser in hands. 4) Put scatter laser in hands. We got 1 scatter laser in stores 2 ammo in stores 1 scatter laser in hands 4/4 5) Put scatter laser in store. We got 1 scatter laser in stores 3 ammo in stores 0 scatter laser in hands. 6) Now Scatter laser is unselectable to put in hands. 7) Go to other menu research as example and then return to Solder menu. Now we see we have 2 scatter laser and 3 ammo. 8) And now if we take laser to hands they take 1 ammo always as be needed. But second scatter laser we can take too and it too works corectly with ammo. I don't get this strange algoritmic.
  4. I recomend to wait geoscape loading up to 1 minute. That's how it works on my ancient PC with nevest videodrivers.
  5. Excatly. When I research new missiles i build only 2. And with this 2 one aircraft deals infinitive battles. They fired it and in base now have 2 missiles. But manufacture not working. That means infinitive ammo for new missiles. Because i'm ask this question.
  6. Historically as you know the aliens are stronger that humans. Then they have a stronger weapons. About aircraft missiles and torpedos: they don't have a ammo? I mean if you build 2 missiles for 1 aircraft it uses it 2 all times and never need build new missiles?
  7. About restore ammo in battle no need use medipack. I try to explain how. We have weapon in hands 13/15 Press i - going to inventary. Take medipack in mouse and put it in hand when in hand are weapon 13/15 Medipack takes the weapon place but weapon automaticly moved in backpack and reloaded.
  8. Yes if solder died in battle with scattered laser in hands in base we get 2 scattered lasers and maybe 2 ammo for lasers.
  9. Sorry my english is very poor, what part of text you don't understand?
  10. I not sure it's know bugs or not but i try to post. 1) Infinitive laser ammo by manufacture. Build Scattered laser (heavy) -important! this works only with scattered laser another lasers act corectly. Build 1 laser ammo. Put Scattered laser in solder hands. They not take the last ammo. Put Scattered laser in store. They returned the ammo rounds now you have 2. Repeat the process. 2) When research the heavy laser they say you can produce laser weapon for vecicles but acctually not. 3) Gattling gun name in manufacture is ###### 4) Infinitive ammo in battle. It works with any weapon. You need in solder backpack medipack. Then shoot the with weapon. Weapon ammo 11/15. Then go to inventory take the medipack and put in hands. Weapon automaticly goes in backpack and reloaded no use the ammo rounds. If you just put weapon in backpack not reloaded only throught medipack. 5) Medipack in battle not heal the solders. 6) Then i want to test ammo status with laser weapons when complete the battle, but there goes wrong: man with scattered laser be shooted by alien. And now i got strange result in base. Not sure about 100% but 90% probably be in that way. The man was killed and then i check base ammo status. And what we got: We got 2 scattered lasers instead of one. They multiply when solder was dead. And we got too two additional ammo rounds by this lasers. I have two and now got 4. Another solder shoots with precision laser and be rounds 9/10. On base we got 4 rounds that means the laser reloaded ammo on base by free. When i see the status of precision laser they be 10/10. The main problem is i'm not sure that on base after test manufacture multiply rounds (see point 1) left 2 ammo. Maybe there be more and that a few of ammo bug test maybe wrong. About scattered laser multiply after dead i'm 100% sure. But you are free to retest this in batlle by self. In my save game battles are very rare and time is very close to end demo version. And battles on my PC goes very long and it's annoying process. Because i not want to retest by me.
  11. My hidden first turn longs about 10 -15 min. And i hear the allien dead sounds too, but allways hidden turn closes sucesfulll. My PC is slow and maybe you too must have a more patient to wait next turn? I play version 10.2 download as zip file for orignal xenonauts home site.
  12. It's normally to first turn is longer that others. First they need to load png files in memory, that not easy for PC. Second in first turn you have many NPC. After first turn many died by aliens or NPC shoot down the alliens. That means less time for AI turns.
  13. I tested it on my terror city allworks fine. Only thing you can't select the city as airbone chinock target. Only from base.
  14. If you click on this point right mouse button click you select your Chinook and can sent it home. But ground terror city can be selected as target only from base that's bug.
  15. 15 minutes and 31 sec long first turn in Terror city battle. My PC: AMD Sempron 2200+ 1 core CPU 1,5 GHZ RAM 2gb VIDEO Card: GeForce 7600 GT 256 mb DDR3 AGP slot Yep. I'm completed the demo version.