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Squad leader

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might i suggest if you guys haven't already played it you might draw some inspiration from squad leader. Its a bit of a marmite game and eventually it gets stupidly hard but some of the elements are very good, especially suppressive fire and the intended target eventually ducking for cover

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Ok its been a while but the good things were:-

1 soldiers become suppressed from enemy fire & can eventually crouch or go prone (cant remember if this also also depends on their remaining ap and initiative skill level). you can also choose to shoot even if you have no chance to hit (it tells you when you select the enemy your chance to hit) just to suppress them

2 quick select visible enemy's and cycle of friendly units

3 quick select of available weapons (which you can cycle through with right mouse button) on screen, including grenades and the ap costs of equipping, priming and throwing the grenade are all included so you know if you have enough time to do this action (how many times have you equipped and primed a grenade in xcom only to find you don't have enough ap to throw it?)

4 area map

5 heavy weapons that have to be deployed (costing ap) and the ability for another soldier to help crew the weapon feeding ammo etc increasing the available ap each turn

6 crawling

7 leaders getting killed affects moral

8 vehicles had turn circles or you could turn the turret with right mouse click (pretty silly just doing a straight 90 degree turn)

9 you can see a silhouette moving around if you can hear something coming but not see it (you dont know if its an enemy or friendly)

bad points

1 ridiculous artillery later on decimating your soldiers

2 laggy, jerky movement

3 laughable computer ai

4 indestructible terrain and it is also hard to tell what elevation it has

5 random crashes, long load times at the time it came out

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There are a few things I might be able to clear up out of that list for you.

Most of it is factual, some relies on my increasingly dodgy memory :P

1, A suppression system was discussed a while back but I don't think anyone came up with a convincing way of doing it or a good reason to include it.

2, Enemies have an icon representing them along the edge of the screen atm. Friendlies can be selected by hotkey, scrolling or by on screen button.

3, Weapons are currently equipped in the inventory scren as with x-com. Grenades have a quick use button dedicated to them that allows you to throw them easily and without wasting AP's if you don't have enough.

4, There is a map overview planned but unlikely to be a minimap, details have not been announced (or finalised).

5, Difficult for me to see how this would work in Xenonauts without a lot more animations. An interesting idea which was suggested previously, I think it may have been in the thread discussing the cover mechanics (could be wrong).

6, Useful ability but unlikely to be in unless someone makes a fantastically good argument in its favour. The animation requirements alone would be a big point against it.

7, Anyone getting killed affects morale of your troops. This can be mitigated by remaining close to officers.

8, I would like to see the turrets moving independently of the rest of the vehicle as well. Turning circles would be very difficult to manage in a game that relies on square tiles for movement though.

9, I have no idea if sound functions at all in the game though. Alternative forms of detection are always good though. It does pave the way for blind aliens with massive ears as well :)

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