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2 Small UI Suggestions

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Greetings, everyone!

I am new on the forums (even though reading around here and there). Let's just say I am having a blast playing Xenonauts. Extremely impressed by the game and my brain is going into overdrive when playing it (the same brain that fell asleep playing the shiny new X-COM: Enemy Unknown).

Nevertheless, I would have two very minor suggestions for the UI when it comes to Squad- and Rolemanaging. Excuse me if these are already in the works or have already been discussed.

1. I cannot drag my soldiers around in the Equipment screen, they seem to be ordered automatically (though i did not recognize by which criteria it does so).

I like to organize my soldiers in teams and organizing them by their numbers would be very practical.

(Fe example Soldiers 1-2 together, 3-4 together etc., at the moment they are fe 1 and 4, 2 and 8... i think you know what i mean :) )

2. I really like the Roles & Role Images - so much that I would prefer having them displayed all the time in the bottom combat UI (where the aforementioned soldier numbers are) next to the status bars of each soldier, not just when hovering over them.

Just 2 thing I think would clarify organisation even more and maybe even speed the game up a bit.

Thanks Guys!

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