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Sebellian AI -- aggressive!


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So, the other day I got a terror mission. Fairly early on, still on ballistic weapons, but with jackal armor at least. Man, that was a tough battle. I didn't recall the Sebellians being so damn aggressive. They got all up in my personal space.

When the chinook landed, I saw two aliens and not a lot of cover so I had everyone run into a nearby building (they could all pile inside in one turn), thinking I could peer out of the windows with relative safety to access things. This actually turned out to be the right move, I think, since cover was a bit bare in the streets.

Then like, hordes of these guys just all charged in! I'm not used to seeing 5-7 aliens in view range at the same time! They surrounded the building and just hammered it to pieces until my boys were hiding behind dubious bits of wreckage and furniture.

It was intense. I ended up with 3 dead and 2 crimson hearts, plus various scrapes and cuts. I went through so much ammo that I actually had to pick up alien guns off the streets to keep shooting -- normally I avoid alien heresy. More than a few times I was wondering if I could actually win the battle. I am playing on Veteran, btw.

It was awesome, and I approve entirely.

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Androns and Sebellian I find are particularly aggressive on terror missions. That said, I heard that there's going to be some changes so that the aliens don't spawn right outside of the Charlie. This means the aliens will sweep in from one side while the Xenonauts approach from the other. That said, I hope there's somekind of compromise that allows for the occasional in-your-face alien assaults.

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