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[Geoscape] Control speed of squadrons on Geoscape

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When launching multiple flights of fighters, sometimes with differing speeds, it would be nice to be able to control the speed of the squadrons. I would like to be able to launch a set of condors to strip fighters off a ship, then follow up with two Foxtrots to take down the main ship. Doing this right now takes an excessive amount of micromanagement.

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I second the idea.

A suggestion on how to implement:

When selecting the squadron and bringing up it's menu (return to base button, patrol button, etc) simply have a slider similar to the throttle slider in the air combat mini game that controls the squadron's speed. Have the speed in km/h indicated somehow so you can make two squadrons travel at the same speed despite different makeups (for example, making a flight of condors and a separate flight of foxtrots fly at the speed of a chinook, or whatever).

To further refine my suggestion, I propose a constant slider that doesn't change throughout the game in regards to the speeds indicated. Simply shade the unavailable speeds grey. This way you'd have a throttle for a chinook show maybe 20% of the entire slider available, and the throttle of a foxtrot would show more of the throttle. Simply have the max speed of the aircraft (or the slowest aircraft in the squadron) be the upper limit on what's available.

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Yeah, I suggested this a while back. It would be nice to have the option to reduce speed, or increase speed about 20% with a 20% reduction in fuel efficiency. It would also be nice to allow for afterburner use, for additional 20% increase for 50% efficiency, or 50% increase for 10% efficiency. This is somewhat realistic (speed:efficiency, as well as AB changes to efficiency).

I would also suggest getting rid of the "combat fuel use" multiplier when in the minigame, and just making alien craft faster, requiring more AB usage (at the above rates, sliding scale).

There's a lot more that can be done to add additional elements of strategy/tactics to the air game, like further jet variants and altered fuel efficiency/speed depending on weapons on-board (using all your weapons = faster/more efficient plane). Looks like the devs "don't want to focus on it", though, despite constantly focusing on further complicating it and making it more difficult, so here's hoping that works its way into the geoscape as well.

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