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Question about balances and stuff:

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So, here's a very quickly put together list of stuff, and I would like to know how close this is to the actual game.

My quickly-formulated and not-really-researched-much-at-all idea:

For shotguns:

High damage, medium/low TU cost (20, 25, 30), medium/high accuracy, and short range.


Low damage, medium/low accuracy, very low TU costs (10, 15), short range.

Assault Rifles:

Medium/low damage, medium/high accuracy, decent range (between carbine/shotgun and precision rifle) and medium/low TU costs (20, 25, 30, 30 burst fire).


Medium accuracy, medium/low damage, short range, low TU costs (15, 20, 25, 25 burst).


High accuracy, long range, high TU costs (40, 50, 60), medium damage with high armor mitigation (once hypervelocity is back in, it'll get better.)


Medium Accuracy, medium damage, medium/high TU costs (40 burst), medium/long

RL: medium accuracy, medium/long range, high TU costs (30, 35 fire, 35 reload), variable damage (duh).

Again, just pulling stuff out of thin air. How close to the actual game are these numbers?

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What's important to note is that a high accuracy doesn't mean it can hit across the map; hopefully the accuracy formula works and accuracy drops off nicely after the engagement distance is gone. Also, we can factor in the close range engagement accuracy bonus into the carbine, shotgun, and pistol (and to an extent assault rifle, but not much).

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