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Interceptor Display

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So I have no way to directly see what status my interceptors have. I find this quite vexing. You have to click on Launch Interceptors, select a target, and then the display comes up. Only THEN can I learn that all my interceptors are refueling, or grounded, or on fire, or whatever.

It sure would be great if you could click on a base and the associated interceptors would pop up. Or maybe have a condensed view on the bottom left of the Geoscape screen.

Also, the F keys would be a great choice for either going directly to the associated base slot, or going to the appropriate base tab (construction, research, etc)

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Oh I see. When you say "great if you could click on a base and the associated interceptors would pop up" you mean the little icons on the Geoscape?

I haven;t checked to see if Right clicking that does anything. I have to admit I do spend quite a few clicks checking out the status of the aircraft, so something simpler would be nice.

As far as I can tell, those values are not hooked up to anything

I can only assume that they are going to be or are about to be removed when the new UI comes in.

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Yes, I mean the actual base location, clicking on that should bring up the interceptors for the associated base. It seems far more logical to me, since the geoscape is primarily used to interact with the existing UFOs. That icon taking me to the base location isn't very useful. I've already got lots of ways to get to the bases, but no real way to directly get to the aircraft status.

I think that a "status board" might actually be worth having in the UI, but that's probably a fairly extensive change. An interceptor status button or something at the top would be great, too.

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