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19.5 Air Combat Autoresolve Thread

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Hi. THough having a dedicated place to discuss autoresolve feature would be helpfull.

My first early impressions on autoresolve are the following:

-It works nice so far. Got just to the first scouts (not the small ones).

-Planes seem to take a bit too much damage. Engaging light scouts with 2 condors consistently gives a victory with 19-26% health on both condors. I like autoresolve giving worse results than the ones a player can have doing it manually, to encourage playing on manual, but this is too much worse. A player can win the combat with around 80% health in 1 or 2 condors, or no damage at all if good. 26% health on autoresolve is too much punishment, having around 50% health remaining will be better as it doesnt make you lose so many intercept chances because of repairs.

As I almost skipped 19.4 entirely Im finding UFOs to be tougher than usual so I need to play more on manual to be able to give better feedback about autoresolve.

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I've used it twice in quick succession.

In the first I noticed that I was down to 15% health left in the condors and a fair amount of damage to the Foxtrot. This was against a Light Scout. Manually, I'd not be taking a hit here.

I intercepted a second UFO on the screen at the same time. The curious thing here was that no ammo had been used up in the first encounter. No missiles anyway.

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I also noticed that autoresolve is almost useless. After a number of tries, I NEVER won a battle with 2 condors against a small scout without damage that typically took over 70 hours to repair.It is easy to win over a light scout with two condors without taking damage. The autoresolve should be there for those who do not WANT to fight the air battles, so results should be those expected from a very good player, not those from an idiot.

In addition, I seem to remember that light scouts could be downed by a single Condor, which is now impossible since a single missile from a Condor cannot down the alien light scout, and because it is slower sending a lone Condor after a light scout is assured suicide.

I will comment on ground combat in the other thred on tht subject, but let me just say that it is much more difficult.

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Not only are the results terrible, but they vary wildly. I engaged a light scout with condor/condor/foxtrot, first engagement was a win with no damage. I then engaged a second light scout with the same planes and suffered about 50% damage on all of them (reasonable as I had depleted most of my missiles I assume). A few days later I engaged another light scout with the same squadron... two planes shot down, last one survived with 15%. I get that autoresolve shouldn't be optimal results (otherwise you could just as well remove the minigame), but this is ridiculous and bad enough to be basically unusable.

That said, I'll keep using it regularly for testing purposes.

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