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Save game compatibility?

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Are save games compatible from earlier versions yet? I haven't been around for a bit and have a game I've progressed quite far with and don't want to lose after a reinstall, but would like to update otherwise.

I'm on an alien base mission now and the ongoing ability of aliens to sometimes shoot through walls is getting frustrating.

Could a sub patch be released which only changed combat mechanics and left geoscape alone help with save compatibilty.


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No save games compatibility is to be expected from the experimental builds.

Anyone who chooses to play the experimental builds is doing so in order to help with the debugging and the development, not to keep the progress made from build to build.

Whenever a new experimental build is released, start a new game.

If you do not like that, play the last stable release available.

I am pretty sure that this covers it all. The developers must be tired repeating this stuff over and over after the first experimental became available.(First it was "why oh why it breaks V18 save games"...and kept going on after each build by some people :P).

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To save your previous game, as in, the game files itself, you can go into the steam folder and dig out the game folder. Simply copy it to another location, and then you can update the steam game (through steam) and it won't change the copied file.

Then you can simply run Xenonauts.exe from within the Xenonauts folder that you copied out of the steam folder, and play the previous version.

Does that make sense?

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I am running a stable build - v18. Will backward save compatibilty have to wait until the next stable build?

I am afraid you are out of luck there. There is no save game compatibility between builds, you cannot expect to have save game compatibility between versions...

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