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Air combat armour mitigation

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How much work would it be to add armour mitigation and degradation to air combat?

I've been thinking of changing the health and armour of UFO's to make a 2-torp MiG effective.

However, if there was armour mitigation and degradation I could instead drop health a bit, but increase armour so that only same-era (Avalanche for Corvettes, Alenium for Landing ships and Cruisers) Torpedoes could do good damage to a 'Capital" ship. High level would do severe damage, while lower level could only do some damage.

But they would also degrade armour enough that after a couple of Torps, same-era missiles could now get through the armour, with cannons after missiles or at the same time as missiles.

So you'd use Marauders or MiG's to 'crack' the armour, then hammer it with missiles and/or guns to finish it off.

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Have an addendum to add. Could have aircraft weapons always do their armour degradation damage even they can't actually get through the armour. Would let you 'wear down' heavily armoured ships, say if you have no MiGs and have a Corvette to take down. Would take much longer, but still doable.

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