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Missing shots/grenades

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Hi guys,second post. having a lot of fun right now but one thing I've noticed is that sometimes your soldier misses BADLY.

I'm not sure because I'm not in the army but correct me if I'm wrong, if there is an alien 30 ft. in front of soldier A and another soldier(soldier B) 10 ft. to the left diagonally(barely at that) I don't think soldier A would throw the grenade and "miss" directly on top of soldier B. This and other instances with bullet misses that hit others that shouldn't logically happen which are similar to this makes me sure that sometimes the game makes it so that the soldier misses the alien and intentionally hits another soldier. Obviously the soldiers do sometimes flat-out miss and hit walls or floors but still, if a soldier is hit it in friendly fire should be if he's in front a soldier of or in the cone of shooting(?) of another soldier that gets bigger depending on the weapon of that soldier.

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