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A few more things to consider

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There are a number of things we already dont have access to. I feel sure most of these if not all would involve code changs to some ex-stint.

*When opening a door to a ufo should the door close behind the soldier after ending the turn or remain open... Iv had soldiers killed just because of this.

*I know now you can switch between vertical or horizontal positions when placing buildings, why not be able to do the same when placing items in the backpack.

*If multiple grenades are equipped how about being able to select which one to use from the quick slot.

*Ending a turn seems to default back to whoever's in the chinook instead of who was previously selected. This can get tedious after a while.

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I've not had any issues with turn ending auto-selecting unfavorable soldiers, though I admit I've not payed attention.

Rotating items could be interesting, yeah. It'd have to be done right, perhaps using the scroll wheel like the buildings.

As far as doors, UFO doors always close, I think. I've just assumed that they would. It'd be nice to be able to somehow control it, though.

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