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Beta versions save compability

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Because we are now in Beta stage and on Steam, there is one important issue for me and maybe others -

will upcoming new versions be save-compatible?

I am asking because Steam updates games automatically (maybe it can be turned off but it's on by default) so save incomparability could we very frustrating for gamers. Also because there will be longer periods of time between updates, gamers could be quite far away in game when new update arrives and automatically destroys their progress.

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I'm afraid that major revisions to the executable generally do break saved game compatibility, as we mention on the Steam Early Access page for Xenonauts.

For that reason we intend to only update the main Steam build of the game infrequently, when we have a lot of changes to put in at once; you should be safe for at least a month or so at this point. Instead we will be starting an "experimental" branch you can opt in to on Steam which will be updated much more frequently, but will obviously result in saved games more frequently becoming obsolete.

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