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Military compound Map - LF feedback (spoiler ship designs)

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Hi all

I have just put together my new military compound map. it uses custom submaps for all the different parts.

It is a very rough picture because it is made from about 30 screenshots.

They can be found and commented on in this thread

Currently this is the 80x80 version for battleships and carriers. If it works OK I will downscale it for the different craft.

Any feedback +/_ please have at it and i will adjust accordingly before final release in the map pack.


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I'm guessing from the stunned silence that everyone hates it or everyone likes it!

I have created 4 versions depending on ship size.

The maps can be found here.



Ok fixed a cockup.. buildings file should have been building... no S.

Changed it so it actually works now!!!

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And how can i start to make my own map?

Really amazing job!

Game has a level editor that is basically drag and drop with different categories. There is also a more complex submap editor for creating buildings etc... but this takes learning.

check this thread for how to extract the tiles and for link to instructions


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Minor nitpick almost certainly not worth fixing: that rifle/pistol range is a serious safety hazard and would never be placed where it is.

Indeed, its why a placed a second wall around it, just to prove how dangerous it is.

I might make one facing SW so that I can alternate and avoid accidents :)

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