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[v18.51 Ground Combat] Alien shot random to destroy obstacle.

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the forum will not let me attach file, error 404.... i have image and save game

my selected soldier have a % of shooting through many obstacles, but if shoot of course hit wall, the alien shoots continuously against the wall during all game

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in fact, Aliens shoots without vision or full obstacles do not impair their vision.

At least, the red brick wall does not impair vision and it shot continuously at it until it broke and hit my soldier behind (i checked for other aliens around, none)

The alien in my example is inside a building, my soldier outside along the wall. No other source of vision for aliens (the one that could have was killed in the previous turn)

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If you can, try to rename the thread with something like : "Alien vision works through solid obstacles" (walls - doors / ship walls - doors)

I don't think there is a problem with sight range, i passed a turn or 2 doing nothing when knowing no one was seeing me, and no shots made.

It's a bit harder to verify with civilians running around though, as they are target as much as our soldiers.

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