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with the real beta coming closer and closer every day there are more people who start doing maps now.

At the latest when Xenonauts is finished there will be a lot of maps from different people. I assume that most of you will do it like me: Download all the map packs and install them at once. How many maps will that be? Probably enough to make me not want to look at each to see if they are good/not bad. But if I encounter a map ingame, that is bugged or just no fun, because I don't like the style the creator has: How do I find out which XML to delete?

I suggest an option or a parameter to the desktop shortcut, that displays the map-name unobtrusive somewhere on the loading screen right before and after a mission.

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I would like a Map Info item on the menu. I would also think this should be something you select on the Game Options.

GO: Enable Map Info.

Esc Menu: Map Info

Map Info

- Name.

- Whether it was part of a mod, and which. Or, if it was an original map.

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