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Desura and Me

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So i've been reading a few posts here and there and i'm having issue that should have fixed in 18.3 or 18.4. (Like not being able to see inside crashed ship. Sometimes in big building like the big mall. Half the time anyways.)

Is it just desura breaking the game?

I've bought and downloaded the game few days ago, 18.4 was already out. I've verified the game 5 times and reinstalled the game once.

Did the bug come back for everyone or im just victim of desura handing out random builds?

I can't play the game for 30 min without a severe bug or 2 hours without a game breaking bug (like losing all my cash trying to build the second vehicle, or air battle simply... breaking)?

Basically, i'm asking if there is something more i can do, or if thats the current state of the game?

EDIT: Just noticed the launcher says v18 HF1 4April, is that relevant? My enemies do barrel rolls so i assume this mean i got 18.4 HF1, or should i just ignore this?

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