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Combat Flinch

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Was playing on the laptop on the couch next to the wife last night when SHE noticed I was wincing every time I took incoming fire from unseen enemies. I didn't notice until she pointed it out and I had a pretty good laugh. Only other game that ever made me do that was the original X-COM. Well done, and thank you, Goldhawk.

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I know that feeling!

"Rookie, you're to take cover behind those barrels"

Rookie - "Yes Sir!"


Rookie - "WHAT THE !"

"Don't stop there rookie, you got those barrels to save you!"

Rookie moves closer... PEW PEW PEW

Rookie - "Ok! Now, I quit!"

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Or worse, you fail to kill an alien and someone is left in line of sight, knowing that the open map you're on will have multiple blasts of plasma coming from everywhere.

Cue constant wincing, sighs of relief and cursing.

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What always makes me jump a little bit is receiving reaction fire from an unseen and unknown foe... I think it's because I turn the game's music off and the PEW is such a sharp change from the crunch crunch crunch of walking around.

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