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erutan's roles icon pack (17 roles woot)


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update: new unused icon, changed texture for "light"

update2: created more contrast between "light" and "specialist" groups

I made some comments on what direction I felt role icons should go a while back, and took a quick stab in that direction. I found a free icon pack online with a lot of military options and just used that with a few dirty quick edits - the feel is obviously off (and it's nowhere near as polished as DM_Mod) but it accomplishes some goals.

1) instantly recognizable icons

2) a large selection of possible roles

3) backgrounds are split between light, heavy, and specialist so they're easy to scan for "balance" (assuming soldier roles show up in more places in the UI as expressed by many here). e.g. 5 light, 2 heavy, 1 specialist, looks good.

Dropbox mod download.

Photo Gallery of icons + master PSD

Only the existing named ones show up in the equip screen (they all show up in the role select though).

I use assault, rifle, sniper, and heavy. Feel free to rename whichever ones you want to use to extra and commando if you wish. For me they'd be rocketeer and rookie.

The only calls to uitextures/roles that I could find were in style.lua and they weren't anything like a list of roles, so I dunno. Baked into the exe? Hopefully we can get more default images in the next release. :)

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Thanks - the intuitiveness is what I was aiming for. :) I'm not much of a graphic artist, so it'd take me time to make ones that fit the tone a bit better... this was more of a proof of concept that people can use if they want.

An easy make them fit the game better would be to take game assets and play with the levels on them to make them solid black and use them for icons.

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So I played around with erutan's pictures and managed to get something which fits my own tastes a bit more. Just minor tweaks, with the most notable change being the "medium" icon background getting replaced by grey camo instead of the tiles.

There's not much more to be said. Here they are if anyone else prefers these a bit more. The working files are also included, but they're Paint.NET .pdn files, which might not work with every software out there. Credit where credit is due; 98% of the work here was done by other people. I just fiddled with layers and stuff =P





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