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[18.3 HF2 Ground combat] Various minor issues

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A few minor issues I found in v 18.3 hf2

1) Pathing issues, in every hangar (military base tileset?)

pathfinding issue mini.jpg

2) Invisible object partially blocking a firing path in corvettes.

What is the 10%?

ten percent mini.jpg

3) Door not opening

I'm in the warehouse...

door not opening mini.jpg

Then I've gone outside, but the door is still closed.

door not opening2 mini.jpg

4) Friendly troops and civilians still walk happily into the fire (this is an old one)

5) During the hidden movement, a friendly troop fires towards a sebillian.

I was not able to see where it happened (it was outside my field of view, hidden).

The shot however triggered another reaction shot from the sebillian.

The reaction shot popup message is displayed on top of the hidden movement image.

I believe this is a bug, but I'm not sure.

I was not fast enought to capture a screenshot, but it happened.

pathfinding issue mini.jpg

ten percent mini.jpg

door not opening mini.jpg

door not opening2 mini.jpg





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