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Soldier Equipment screen

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While I could rename all my soldiers (Carries Rockets etc), it would be nice to have the "Role" designation that I had given each soldier listed next to their name in the list at the bottom of the screen. Would make it a lot faster making sure I had 3 rifle, 3 sniper and 2 rocket launchers buttoned up and ready to go.

Very small change, but any chance we can get the wording on the options when you right click on the red Role button changed?

"Change Role" fine. maybe "Choose New Role"

"Change Default Loadout" to "Set Current Gear to Role Default"

"Equip Default Loadout" probably fine

Or something along those lines.

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I agree with all of this. It would make fiddling with loadouts a lot more pleasant and streamlined.

I also feel like the current role buttons are just a little clunky. The suggested text change would help understanding, but right now I think it's too many clicks to change a rifleman to assault: click icon, click change role, click icon, click equip default loadout. Possibly clicking on the role icon could bring up the list of possible roles, and selecting a role automatically equips and switches to that. Setting the default equipment would be a new button.

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