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As @Chris told us in his latest monthly update:

"Sound Design:
Last month we brought an experienced sound designer onto the team to work on the game audio, as earlier in development we hadn't had the time and funds to give it the attention it deserved. Audio is sometimes an unappreciated part of game development, as the benefits of good sound effects can be quite subtle but are nonetheless very important."

So Goldhawk is going to revamp some (all?) existing sound effects and also add some new ones while they are at it. This is of course very exciting, so let's make a list of sounds we want added or improved. Remember that UI and alien units sounds are already on the list.

Needs better sfx:

  1. Human injury and death sounds
  2. Weapon sounds

Needs new sfx:

  1. UFO ambiance (low frequency humming around and inside UFO's)
  2. Alien base ambiance (low frequency humming or something eerie and alien)
  3. Panicing units' screaming and crying
  4. Alien machinery proximity sfx (like abduction tubes, teleports, terror bombs etc.)
  5. Psionic effect sounds (mesmerize, psionic triangluation etc.)
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Needs new sfx:

  1. Units falling under suppression might also need sfx.
  2. Berserking needs some yelling :D
  3. I wouldn't mind a few more biome specific ambience sfx 


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