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[17.52] Ground Combat - Invisible civilians, and UFOs are made from dirt.[with pics]

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Hello, I just brought the game few hours ago, but I already played the demo back then so I know how to play a bit.

I encountered an invisible armed civilian in the arctic area in the first mission. He wore a red snow coat, and carried a shotgun. I saw a glimpse of his model spinning around during alien movements.


This a normal civilian I think.


UFOs are made from blocks of dirt, but it didn't happened when I played the demo. This also happened in the first mission too.


Somehow my men saw aliens inside the UFO who stood next to the door.


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The Blocks of dirt are just placeholders while the craft tiles are having things done to them. Don't worry

The invisi civiess IS an issue and it's being looked into,

and the seeing though the craft doors is also being looked into.

Are you sure the civilian wasn't part of the local forces??

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Oh yes... That civilian was listed as a local force at the end of the mission, but he wasn't a soldier so I called him armed civilian. My bad then. At first, I thought that it was invisible alien species because he's so red when I saw him for the first time.

Thank you for kind answer. :)

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