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Mission types

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Unless they didn't travel far...

Mrs Martian: Honestly Dave. You've been saying you were going to invade Earth for ages. Have you?! No! It's still there, with it's radio waves interfering with our Alien Entertainment system. Why can't you do something?!

Dave the Martian: Look love, it takes a lot of effort to get a fleet together. We're planning it. We want the Earthlings to think that there are thousands of our ships. It takes time to build and plan all that.

Mrs Martian: Planning it down the pub I notice. My mother was right. She said that you would never amount to anything. She said you couldn't do...

Dave the Martian: Fine, Fine. I'll go and invade it. By H'Ronemeer! What a nag! Wait till I tell the boys that hunting season has come early. I wonder who'll bring the beer?

There you have it. The truth behind Xenonauts.

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