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Milestone 3.0.9 Released!

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This is a small update with a couple of important changes that has been released straight onto the default versions for Steam / GOG / Epic.

A larger bugfix update will also be released onto our Experimental branch for testing later today.


  • As there do not appear to be significant new bugs or stability issues arising from our Unity 2022 upgrade, we've compiled this update as a normal "release" build rather than a "development" build with extra debug logging. This should substantially increase load speeds and will remove the red text that sometimes flashes up in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashes during certain ground missions that was linked to broken translation strings (e.g. playing in Spanish and trying to recover a Data Stick on the Cleaner Data Raid mission).
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thanks for an update! Here is few subjective opinions on new release. 
1. Something wrong with how units turns. I had no problem to turn them around and now I have to find a spot where to click to make it works. 
2. Moving mission objective to load screen is OK but requirements to click a button to start it - not natural. I would say leave it as it was before - or remove a button. 
3. Overall balance is better now. I'm not getting one shot as it was before. Recovering after wounds is kinda slow. Wish I had some tricks to recover one favorite unit(s) faster. 
4. It could be mine only thing but on my test all units about the same. I think stats should be more diverse. I tried to change types of units, give them different guns and find no big difference. They perform about the same. Same with progress. Game would be more interesting if we can pick our favorite unit based on some liking. 
4. Air combat. For the gamers with no interest in manual air combat can you make a settings to use auto combat all the time. Also it could be dumb but I didn't' equip my interceptors with weapons and two out of three were flaying and fighting UFO with nothing. So for someone like me it would be nice if they could pick whatever weapon is available for them or give me some warning. 

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