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[V17.51 - Geoscape] - Manufacturing Bug + Possible Research Bug?

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1.) As soon as I begin to manufacture equipment item "####" within 12 hours I get CTD.

Screenshot of equiptment "####"

IMAGE: http://windpower4homes.net/images/CTD-Manufacturing-bug.bmp

I know the item does not fully exist in the game yet, so I'm just posting an observation.

2.) Possible Research Bug - For some reason, this time I have not been able to research Alienium. I got alien alloys, and I already have stun grenades, currently researching Toxic Grenades and Heavy Alien Plasma Rifle. I've captured live aliens with stun grenades but still not available to research any live ones.

Should I have come across Alienium by now?

The only thing I did different this playthrough, I did not research Alien Invasion until I had already researched a few other beginning items. Cannot remember exactly which ones I did before Alien Invasion though.

What is required to be able to research Alienium?

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