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Repetitive Cleaner missions

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We currently have 5 different Cleaner missions:

  • Soldier rescue
  • VIP escort
  • Intel gather
  • Cleaner VIP
  • Cleaner ambush

As far as I know, these 5 mission types are currently split into 2 groups where missions are randomized in a way you can't have two of the same missions back to back. Despite this system being in place, I'm currently experiencing too much mission repetition. On my latest playthrough, I got 3 Cleaner VIP missions and 2 ambushes while getting 0 intel gathers. Getting enough intel to reveal the Cleaner HQ takes quite a bit of time, so completing these same mission types for 75 days just isn't good enough. 

The old milestone 1 system had a linear path where the intitial intel gather mission led to a pair of VIP assassinations which in turn led to the Cleaner HQ. It had a nice pacing, it made sense in story progression wise and had zero repetition. I understand random missions also have their pros, like added variation, surprise element and every playthrough being unique. That said, no one can deny, that the current Cleaner arc overstays it's welcome by weeks or even a month.

So what I propose as a fix? Either add a system that ensures that every mission type is used and decrease the amount of intel required to reveal the HQ, or add a combination of systems which has the best of both worlds: some scripted missions for important story beats and few random missions in between like this: 

Random mission > Intel gather > random mission > random mission > Cleaner VIP > random mission > random mission > Cleaner HQ 

Intel gather mission spawn at 20 collected intel, Cleaner VIP mission spawn at 60 collected intel, and the HQ spawns at 100. Best of both worlds.


What you guys think?

  • A. What we have now is perfect.
  • B. What we have now but with a system that ensures every different mission type is used at least once.
  • C. Old linear path of missions we had in milestone 1.
  • D. Combination of linear and random missions described above.
  • E. Something else, what?
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I like your suggestion. I noticed for myself too, that I got VIP rescue missions for intell, while my intell was at 100% and the HQ mission was open. That does not make sense either. In my playthrough I never had the Cleaner VIP mission either. Now I'm not sure what the solution for that would be, as I don't think that removing the intell missions once you reach 100% is good either, as then you could "farm" for ambushes for example. A monetary reward instead of intell has the same problem. But perhaps a slight reduction in panic instead of intell, that could work?
It's just kinda annoying to have 100% intell and a VIP rescue mission pops up that you must do (else you gain lots of panic), but there is no reward for completing it.

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