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Masked loading screen by an info table. M3

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You made good improvement masking combat mission loading screen by briefing. Good.

Can you do the same for after battle Victory table (promotion and so) ?

I mean, instead of staring at static loading screen, give me the after battle report table, so I can spend time by digesting a report, meanwile globe is loading.

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Again, excellent idea! Hope this gets implemented.


Related: I hope the loading screen background image is changed to something more fitting as the old Skyhawk one looks bad now that the briefing window blocks it almost completely. 

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Loading screen with mission briefing is a great idea, but as it's now, it looks a bit too crowded. What if the BEGIN MISSION button was the loading bar. When the level is loaded, the bar changes to a green BEGIN MISSION button. Like in the illustration below:image.thumb.png.ef76dd6fc7e0f2ca6c1698cf5fd0755d.png

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