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Add an "Analytical Department" to the game

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Add an "Analytical Department" to the game that works similar to how Scientific Laboratories, Factories work (employees are hired, projects are given) but only the Analytical Department plans and prepares missions on the tactical map. For example: you give a task to the Analytical Department: "Prepare an ambush on a convoy"; "Arrange a diversion on someone else's Base"; "Prepare the abduction of a VIP person". After several days (weeks of work), the Analytical Department makes the combat mission available: "Ambush on a convoy"; or "Sabotage on someone else's Base"; or "Kidnapping of a VIP person".

Such game mechanics will allow the player to actively choose their own strategy, rather than passively react to the actions of aliens. For example: if the xenonauts lack important resources, then the Analytical Department can provoke the landing of an important UFO (preparing an ambush for UFOs), which contains the necessary resources and artifacts.

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Yeah, in that Point we both are on the same Wave. It makes the Officers-Women, which is your left / right Hand to assist the Commander (which is the Gamer) more interessting. She have such an Analytical Department in the Background (she announce it), but it don´t show up in the Game yet.

It would be then important for some special Missions (Rescue an VIP, Capture Enemy VIP, Rescue shot down Pilots, Rescue lost Soldiers, Espionage Cleaner & Alien Activity, Prepare Convoy-Ambushes to get more R & D-Materials, etc.) to give some more flexibility in the Game / Missions and your Officers-Women-Assist with their secret Field-Agents something to work.

The Analytical Department have not only that important Job. The Analytical Department analyses the Strengh & Weaknesses (which atm. the Workshop and Reserachers do) as well as the secret Field-Agents reduce the Panic. That´s an very cool Contnent / Feature from Terra Invicta.

The last and important Part from the Analytical Department and the Field-Agents is to look for small / medium Outpost for more Range of your existing Main-Base & Backup-Base.

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The work of the "Analytical Department" can be done in the form of a text quest, where instead of answering a question, the player chooses "research" (preparation) to conduct a particular tactical mission (task).


The preparation of different tasks takes different amounts of time (days, weeks) from the "Analytical Department".

This mechanic will allow the player to choose the types of missions that the player likes best and it will make the game more fun.

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