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Do we have a "guesstimate" for the final release date?


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Milestone 3 is due in February, which contains Crusier UFOs and actually unlocks quite a lot of the items on the roadmap. I think that'll feel like another pretty major content drop for the community.

Milestone 4 (Harvester UFO) is roughly scheduled two months later, and Milestone 5 (Battleship & ENDGAME) is two months after that. At that point the game should be content complete, but we'll likely need another couple of months for localisation work and any final bugfixes. So I reckon we've got about 9 months of work left on the game?

But those are only rough estimates. Maybe if things go really well we can squash Milestone 4 and 5 together into a single release and shave off a couple of months, but usually our deadlines end up slipping the other way!

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As an original kickstarter backer, I can wait. I'd rather have a polished and complete game upon launch, than one with glaring bugs.


A good proper release would be good for sales and the future of your company. I take your reply to mean "in the vicinity of a year" and will be quite content with that.

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Yep. I think most of us are happy enough with what we've seen already (which make us want the finished product even more unfortunately) and we know you've got a small but dedicated team. I'm happy to wait up to another year. Hope there's no WWIII (or an alien invasion!) until then at least. If you need to tweak things with the new unity go ahead with that too if it makes things better.

Patient lot aren't we?! 

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