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Ideas for a variety of missions

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I suggest collecting ideas here that will help diversify tactical missions (tasks) in the game.


Mission: "The release of prisoners on the alien Base."

The aliens have built an underground base on planet Earth, where they keep prisoners for experiments (20-50 people). The player's task is to destroy the guards (1st floor). Destroy (capture) personnel (2 st underground floor). Find the prison and break down the doors (in order for the hostages to escape).

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Set the aliens to have different goals for their end game.

For instance, annihilation (orbital bombardment) that's what we have now.

"You are good lab rats" -  more abduction missions, maybe something like a Harvester mission where rescuing Civilians out of a Space craft before it lifts off. And the Rescue mission in OP.

"You are the slave race we need to exploit the planet" - more emphasis on base building, abductions, seeing Civilians turning on Your troops as they are "programmed" by the aliens, with probably a resurgence of the "cleaners" with better weapons.

"Fear Us and Obey" - the aliens concentrate on Terror type missions to force panic to rise in regions so they can Control us through fear.

How do you tell which "end game mission" the game is working on? We add research hints to the "interviews", maybe a special mission type for intel gathering to discern their plans.

Put something like this in place and you will have the desire to do another play through to see "what happens this time".

About copied and edited a bit from another post of mine.

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I propose a variant of the combat mission - "on the contrary". A tactical alien landing party arrives on a mission and tries to get out of a UFO, disperse around the location and complete a certain tactical task. The player's soldiers are dispersed in advance around the location and are trying to prevent the landing of the tactical alien mission. In case of defeat on the battlefield - aliens from UFOs are evacuated.

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16 hours ago, SoulFilcher said:

A variation of the rescue from alien base idea: A base where they "produce" their Cleaners, you can potentially rescue them or prevent them from turning into active Cleaners, but if you take longer than X turns they wake up and become hostile units in that mission.

Here are some of my ideas:

Variation to the above variation - Attack on cleaner facility, where they are researching or producing a new, "high-tech" cleaner unit. Planting bombs into the compound without being detected (all cleaners that see your units must be killed in the same turn otherwise they sound the alarm and all units become hostile or reinforcements start arriving)

Terror and Abduction missions on the sea (military and civilian ships)

Base defense against cleaners, who try to free captive aliens (if there are any)

Base defense against cleaners after taking out the cleaner HQ

SAR missions to rescue downed fighter pilots

Rescue VIP mission from downed helicopter within a given time, before cleaners kill them.

Prevent assasination/abduction based on gathered cleaner data (perhaps based on number of gathered flashdisks)

Militaty base/missile silo/nuclear power plant defense to prevent a "nuclear accident", that would significantly increase panic.

Tactical missions against human units in lost regions, with goal to help free that region from the aliens by removing the enslaved government(s).

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Create two types of "Final Mission" in the game.

1 - The player flies to destroy the aliens in the final battle.

2 - Aliens are flying to destroy the player in the final battle.

For example: if the player is destined to lose the game, then let the final battle be an alien attack on the player's bases with endless reinforcements of alien soldiers. While the timer is ticking, the game continues. When the timer ends, either the player flies on the final mission to the aliens, or the aliens fly on the final mission to the player.

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