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  1. Hey I'm just a programmer in the real world but I have seen this behavior in various languages so it might be relevant. Try looking for what the code does when it overlays a rendered terrain tile with the replacing rendering code for the "dead" sprite. Some condition is "corruptin"g your "dead" sprite code and the language is reverting to the original render code instead of "crashing". I get this behavior in one of our code editors - if you messed up it just "corrects it by not making the change. It is very annoying when you miss a semicolon etc. and all your code isn't saved. Just a thought. Everybody here seems to find the errors I do much faster than I can. Do you want quantity of errors (i.e. if I come across something already reported should I send another bug report from game or in forum?
  2. Version 1.3 More of a clarification than a bug, the written "fiction" describing the game has us going to an abandoned base in Iceland. The game has the Main base in Greenland, Just wanted to point that out before you go printing up storylines referring to Iceland when the base is actually in Greenland. (Either fiction needs to change or base location on the map does)
  3. I just had something similar happen, for me it was last alien in my view (no others revealed) it was killed by over watch fire I have not been able to reproduce yet. I messed up and restarted so log file not of the game in question, did send Bug report via F11
  4. The Easiest way to deal with the preposition base issue is to make the mission be "to a secret base location within (Fill in the region)". After the mission you get to place the base within that region. You make the first day of the game be one of these missions to get your first base placed. You only get one "mission" for a free base in a region per game, timing on when could be based on relations and how well you are doing etc. Otherwise to place a base in aregion you need some sort of "good" relations withthem so they will "seel/lease" a base to you.
  5. I thoght this too on one battle, I explored (made not black) every square and found an alien hidding out in a cornr of a room I overlooked in the UFO. Other wise I haven't had this particular issue myself
  6. I have the same issue. Would it involve the version of windows being run? I'm on Windows 8.1 still.