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Some feedback and ideas to take the game to the very next level

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On 12/13/2023 at 9:33 PM, GIraaa said:

@Chris any luck with implementing suggestion number 3? :)

Please stop tagging me in this thread - there's lots of people making suggestions in lots of different places and I do my best to stay on top of it all, but I've got a lot of different things to manage and work on so my time is limited. It's not fair on other forum posters who are also making suggestions to send me notifications about one particular thread (or it'll just encourage everyone to tag me in every thread, which I definitely don't want either).

Anyway, which number 3 are you referring to? Several people have posted lists of suggestions in this thread at this point.

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Can I suggest, to give the development milestones some longevity with playing, to extend the frequency of UFO's in the game to extend beyond the current limit of around 300 days?

There's research and manufacture items out there in the game that, because of the drop-off at the back end of the game, all you're having to do is manufacture alien alloys and alenium to manufacture them, but there's no real UFO threat to test them afterwards.

I'm at day 400 now and just skipping through the days on the fastest speed making alien alloys and alenium for the exosuit, I never previously had enough alien alloys and alenium for and for what? The aliens have vanished.

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19 hours ago, GIraaa said:


I was referring to the original number 3:


Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately that's probably not a feature we'll end up implementing, as it would be a LOT of work to write a player AI that can handle a mission with anywhere near the competence of a decent player (particularly if the mission isn't just a straightforward deathmatch). It would certainly be cool to see, but it wouldn't be worth the development resources.

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