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[Ground Combat UI] - Weapon targeting/selection improvements.

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Like many other people, I sometimes have trouble clicking exactly where I need to in order to interact with a partially-obstructed target.

So, I suggest some hotkey modifiers that change how the selection cursor works.

First: Either the default cursor behavior, or perhaps holding ctrl should change the normal cursor to a 'box' cursor like the original xcom one that disregards obstructions and highlights the selectable square. It was a really good idea that works really well in an isometric environment. Perhaps an interface option to set which is default and use ctrl to switch between them?

Second: Holding alt or another hotkey should change the targeting selection to aim at the center of ground-level for the selected tile. KABLOOEY!

I'm sure we can think of some more possibly useful selection modes. Anyone else have any ideas?

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But if you're only trying to shoot at an alien, you don't need to use fire mode at all. You just mouseover the alien in normal mode and the fire cursor appears automatically.

If you want to target an individual piece of scenery, you activate fire mode. Fire mode is only fiddly because it allows you to target every possible item.

I think we need to come up with a GUI that better emphasises the roles for the two systems fulfils so that people use the correct one in each circumstance. Suggestions on how to do that would be appreciated.

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OK, now I'm confused. Does fire mode specifically aim at the individual 3-D coordinates of the scenery at the point that the cursor is over when you attempt to fire? Huh. That'd actually be pretty cool. I thought that it always aimed directly at the centroid of the targeted cube, since that's where an alien would be standing and where the crosshairs renders now.

If de-centered aiming is the case... maybe a green glowing dot sprite as a placeholder rendered at the targeted point?

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What is targeted turns green. If you activate fire mode, you're aiming at whatever is highlighted green. For instance -if a wall and prop are on the same tile, you can choose which one to aim at. But the main function is shooting at cover walls, which sit between tiles and therefore weren't previously targetable at all.

Normal mode will activate the fire cursor when you mouseover an alien.

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