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Help with resource Division mod


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I would like to know how to change amout of energy core taken from aliens. I need it for new tech like lasers. Let say today is 1. I prefer 5 or more. :)after the misson ( decomosition of their guns)


Yes, playing X-Divison mod

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thanks to you I have solved my problem.

My mistake was having open office and Libre Office without java instead of Excel so i couldnt see files like "excel picture".  Opening  above mentioned files with notepad i saw only raw code.  Now upgrading java i can see all value in libreoffice and can make changes in notepad, becouse i now i have all the data.

\assets\mods\X-Division\manufactures.xml its all i wanted to have.

Finally Earth maybe prevail.


I think topic is closed.

Best Regards,



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