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  1. Yes. It should be exactly same file you didn't backup.
  2. Fire more torpedoes. Video uses difficulty NG on which UFO health is lower. Using escorts with anti missile might help too.
  3. Savegame works for me, medikit and shield could be chosen. However I cannot launch fighters to down UFO so that save is probably lost. You are missing some mods, here's my modist https://imgur.com/a/ZiFaUOy I guess you didn't install Community edition or didn't start game and exited it after installing it.
  4. Savegame? Probably something wrong with installation.
  5. Pretty much mods you seem to have. There are some bugs on Xenonauts (not X-Division itself but X-Division is based on Xenonauts) that cause that kind of lockdowns. I also tried your save without any mods and it didn't seem to freeze for couple of turns. So perhaps mods are to blame.
  6. Possibly bug but smashing her unconscious with baton takes quite few strikes (50+) so using other weaponry is highly recommended.
  7. Alternative ways to stun Queen. Like shock weaponry with other firearms that cause also pure stun damage (shotguns). Those Xenomorphs are robotic and cannot be stunned.
  8. Perhaps but that is something I never even tried. You have much better alternatives available, so I suggest using them if that doesn't work.
  9. Good job! There is also workaround that does not require restart. Just edit that Division MK2 to require something you have not yet researched. <Cell ss:StyleID="s72"><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AdvAlienBallisticTechnology</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s72"><Data ss:Type="Number">20</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s72"><Data ss:Type="String">ExtraterrestrialTech</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s72"><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.scatterlasermk2</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s73"/> <Cell ss:StyleID="s72"><Data ss:Type="String">UnlockKnowledge( &quot;Researches.AdvAlienBallisticTechnology&quot; );</Data></Cell> Bolded part may be any research you have not yet done. That example is Gatling Laser MK2, that is pretty much useless.
  10. Assets/mods/x-division/manufactures.xml For example stun grenade: <Row> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">ManTech.grenade.stun</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Grenades 0</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">1</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">250</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">1xweapon.AlienStunGrenade</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="8"><Data ss:Type="String">StockItem( &quot;weapon.grenade.stun&quot; );StockItem( &quot;weapon.grenade.stun&quot; );</Data></Cell> </Row> That bolded part makes 2. <Row> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">ManTech.grenade.stun</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">Grenades 0</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">1</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">250</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">1xweapon.AlienStunGrenade</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:Index="8"><Data ss:Type="String">StockItem( &quot;weapon.grenade.stun&quot; );StockItem( &quot;weapon.grenade.stun&quot; );StockItem( &quot;weapon.grenade.stun&quot; );</Data></Cell> </Row> Now it should make three.
  11. Not really sure about Advanced ballistic tech, seemed to work for me. If you are brave, you can alter that research.xml so that researching something else (something you still haven't researched but are doing so quickly) gives Adv ballistic tech knowledge. There have been some reports about research tree bugs, very hard to say what's wrong. For alenium and alienalloys prices, they are right. Latest patch enables manufacturing of both, much later than Phase 1. So there is nothing wrong, videos just are made before latest patch.
  12. You need lots of aircrafts to shoot down Phase 2 terror ships. For reference, I checked my - difficulty playthrough save from start of December 1979, around time those Phase 2 Terror battleships arrive (phase 2 began earlier but as we know, terror ships "upgrade" takes some time). So, aircrafts 1. December 1979: Asierus*14, Fighter*6, Foxtrot*10, Firebird*2 That's barely enough but gives you some idea what you should at least have when phase 2 starts. Again, for reference, wehen nearing end of phase 2, I had: Corsair*12, Heavy fighter*8, Asierus*7, Foxtrot*10, Sonda*3, Firebird*3, Lotus*4. All other than Corsair and Asierus are useful against larger UFO's that time. I seemed to have 83 hangars total. So as said earlier, build more aircrafts, that way you can deal with larger UFO's.
  13. Never even thought about stunning eggs It seems that Siege really needs Caesan Data Hack 1. And yes, there is chance to get it from other operators than just light scout one. If you didn't get it, then you should get along without Siege. And you were bit unlucky too. Light scouts are so common on start of game that it's pretty hard to miss either light scout operator but of course possible. Roborex do not leave any wreckage for me. It probably just explodes too badly.
  14. 1. Those Xenomorphs you described are considered robotic and so cannot be stunned. Eggs? 2. There doesn't seem to be "successor" for Caesan light scout operator. However it does not seem he is very important for future. Quickly looking light scout operator seems to be somewhat bonus dude who can be replaced by some operators on phase 1. So probably no worries. So it seems you're right with that, no phase 2 operators seem to unlock light scout operator interrogation.
  15. Directly, no. Indirectly, yes. Succesfull supply run to base will make alien war progress quicker. Also each base on map will mean more UFO's and more UFO's also mean more progress for aliens unless you shoot those "extra" UFO's down right away. However those do not make major difference, only general. Since there is no penalty evacuating, get away immediately when you feel your equipment is not right. Take proper equipment and get back. Repeat until you have "good" equipment for what you encounter. Btw. alien bases are regenerated every time you enter so forget "kill few aliens, then get back so fewer aliens to fight" tactic. Also remember alien bases have narrow corridors, so something on ground ...
  16. OK, EMP cloud seems to be harmless damage wise. Tested EMP explosive against Andron guard (Phase 1 that is) and cloud didn't any damage. Same about shock gas. No idea if that is intentional or bug. However Androns and vehicles too tend to avoid cloud so that's somewhat restrictive. More: Thought that maybe that Andron has too much kinetic/energy armour and that affects. Shredded armour completely and still no damage walking through gas. So it's quite safe to say EMP cloud is useless when it comes to damage.
  17. They should but since walking through gas do not show visible damage, it's not that easy to tell if there is a bug. I'll test this next time I play.
  18. Ruthless Reuban

    (1.00.11b) airgame crashes

    Almost. UFO's can fire up to two drones but only one for each plane. It also means Foxtrot with two escorts with anti missile works as long as UFO targets escorts with drones. So put just one anti missile for Lotus and spend another normal hardpoint for something more hardcore. Overall most important thing is that you can now continue campaign while this crash is no longer problem. Xenopedia really rules. Pretty much scientific stuff too that also makes sense.
  19. Ruthless Reuban

    (1.00.11b) airgame crashes

    Read Anti missile description: Do not put two anti missiles on same aircraft. First, it is mostly useless, secondly, it won't work, third, it will crash your game.
  20. Xenonauts launcher, save location tells where save games are located. Without save game I thing you are missing some of following: - Flamer cannon - Flamer heavy - Sebillian guard
  21. Could you upload savegame somewhere I can download it? Another question: no problem.
  22. Additionally it's worth to remember that half of "red" damage is applied to stun damage (not visible but it's there). Of course that means applying only red damage will kill opponent. Myself I never used stun baton on phase 2, instead shock weapons/first phase stun rockets/alien weapons in addition to applying red damage first. Preferably with shotguns as shotgun will also apply stun damage. You can pretty much stun opponents with shotgun, not totally as it will kill unless pure stun damage is applied. But still, shotgun red+blue damage first (or just red damage) and then pure stun after it works fine. Just using pure stun is painful unless you have same phase equipment.
  23. Looks like you had fun. However it makes me wonder why you still have "only" Division Minigun MK-3 as that base assault was at least second one and you also had basic matergy weapons already captured. So you really should have Advanced Mag technology available at that time. Also you used Chinook, at that point, again, you should have better dropship available. Of course with so limited tech there can be more "epic" battle
  24. Everything is OK. All manufacturable interceptors require materials from alien UFO's.
  25. OK, it does seem that Facehugger requires some TU's to attack, applies to "reaction" attack too. If Facehugger has too few TU's left, it cannot use "reaction" attack and hammering it with baton is safe.