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V24.6 black screen in tropical map (no freeze)


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2 hours ago, mitrida said:

After few turn i experienced a black screen. After reload all turn ok  

this happen when a alien die

Thanks. It's hard to know what's happening just from a description though, so if something like this happens again please attach the logs and the saves so we can try and reproduce it and fix it.

This thread explains where you can find the logs / saves: 


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I also had this issue. It started happening after crash-site 23. Sometimes when I start the mission, it goes completely black. If i manage to load a mission without the black screen, it happens when an enemy reacts - or at any time that the camera switches to another place. 


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1 hour ago, AlexTil said:

Thanks for posting this. So if you load this save and try and play this mission, any time the enemy reacts or the camera moves the screen just goes black? Because if I load it and give it a play, I can't reproduce it at all. Aliens shooting at me during their turn and on my turn with overwatch fire both display fine.

Could you give a bit more information: what graphics settings are you using? Have you changed anything, or are they just the default settings?

Also, how long does the black screen last - does it just flash up, or does it permanently block the screen and stop you playing? Is the UI still visible?

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